SR2 #14 – SAINT RACHO – Chappelle de Dun – 5km – 22nd JAN


Montagne du Dun avec la chapelle Saint-Jean-et-Saint-Firmin

We have this most stunning site on our doorstep literally, it towers another 100 metres behind us at Saint-Racho at 709 metres. Walking there on a glorious frosty day this Wednesday took us just  about an hour from the hamlet of Saint-Racho across fields and through woods and some tarmac with a very steep climb but not difficult. The place has mega history originally inhabited from the stone age as a fortress it has also been a medieval fortress and now all that remains is the chapelle which unfortunately was locked and we could not enter. The views across our valley here were quite stunning. What we were not prepared for was after exploring the immediate area Mike came across a statue of a mythical dog, eerily alone in the forest, with no plaque or explanation as to why it was there. There were originally two of them but sadly only one remains. I enquired at the tourist info but they had no idea. So, if anyone knows anything about this figure I would be grateful as I find it quite fascinating and would love to know what it is and who put it there and why The last image is something we passed on the way down, poubelle is French for trash can, just love that word.


4 thoughts on “SR2 #14 – SAINT RACHO – Chappelle de Dun – 5km – 22nd JAN

  1. Ha Haaa…..this is what you’re getting up to in Burgundy….what a lovely and seemingly very quiet part of the world….and a very belated happy new year to you both. Beautiful views……

    1. It is John, France is so very different wherever you go, here it is quite lovely, parts local to here are similar to the Lake District – without the lakes!

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