WALK – BSM1 #3 – BOIS SAINTE MARIE – Circuit du Bocage – 8.5km – Feb 17th

A wooded farmland circuit best describes this bucolic pig farming walk! We begin outside the very beautiful 12c Romanesque church which I covered earlier click link  here. As it seems to be the norm we started off on another gorgeous Burgundian early spring morning.

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-73

All the walks well mostly well signposted and combined with the map difficult not to get lost.

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-78

All the walks so far are along bridleways, narrow lanes and tracks – no footpaths here

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-108

typical tranquil rural scene

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-119


c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-122

I love this ….two images in one

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-154

massive open air free range pig farms here, we delayed our picnic spot a little further on, tho starving hungry!

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-192

Croix Rajaud – this is one of the many wayside crosses you come across sometimes in the middle of nowhere, this one was fascinating with Roman type lettering at its base

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-202

I would love to have the translation ?

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-228

we spotted lots of fresh badger prints along this lane

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-240

the small holders breeding sow

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-257

walks end


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