Ancient Burgundy #2- Bois Sainte-Marie Church

This is possibly the most beautiful church I have been lucky enough to visit in years and years. One of our walks began in the hilltop village of Bois Sainte-Marie outside of the church; where we were immediately drawn in by the open doors and the rakish sunlight streaming into the building. It was immediately obvious it was so well cared for by al the personal touches, that I thought I would share some of the cameos I took. Stunningly beautiful architecture and atmosphere was quite breath taking.

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-10-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-16-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-34-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-36-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-51-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-54-Edit

c5d2_2014_france_burg_bois sainte-marie-60-Edit


2 thoughts on “Ancient Burgundy #2- Bois Sainte-Marie Church

  1. Your treatment of these lovely images is just so appropriate. I feel like I’m following you around, hearing your ‘ahhs’ and ‘Oh isn’t that beautiful’. Depth of field is a masterclass. Makes me want to be there.
    Great work, Lesley.

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