WALK – SG1 #12 – SAINT GERMAIN EN BRIONNAIS – Circuit des Moulins – 8km – MAR 6th

This is the water mill circuit, a lovely walk that takes in a few tumble down mills and some that are now homes. Its a great walk to take in the typical Brionnais countryside and the Charolais cattle breeding pastures. It was rather muddy in places so beware if taking this after wet rainy weather.



starting out from the village of Saint Germain en Brionnais


heading west up past Les Pierres


La Beuratte


by the river Ru de la Beuratte


one of the mills – Moulin de Plany – now a very attractive home


Charolais still wintering – the face says it all


Les Cantiaux – made in 1923


 pussy willow bursting out


3 thoughts on “WALK – SG1 #12 – SAINT GERMAIN EN BRIONNAIS – Circuit des Moulins – 8km – MAR 6th

      1. Ah, something in my comment seems to have been lost in translation….There was another bit in the middle which seems to have got lost in the ether, or perhaps my brain is shrinking.
        Anyway, as you can see, I have been inspired by your blurring and toning: and the use of a texture overlay raises your lovely images into the realm of brilliant…..
        ……perhaps that’s what I intended to say!

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