558m climb to summit of Roche de Solutre & Pouilly-Fuissé – 17 March

The unprecedented weather here for the past few weeks of glorious sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, has had us galavanting the Burgundian countryside with ‘gay’ abandon! This morning we drove a rather windy and tortuous mountain road 20 odd miles east of here to this magical mountain called Roche de Solutre. It has had quite a history having been inhabited from Prehistoric times. As you can see now, it is surrounded by many of Frances best vineyards which produce the delectable and famous Pouilly-Fuissé wine. Pouilly-Fuissé is a dry white made from Chardonnay grapes. It is pale and refreshing, often quite delicate, and often shows a clear oak influence and does not come very cheap averaging 12 Euros a bottle. You can see the gnarled stock root of the vine just before it bursts into productive life.

When you first lay eyes on this limestone escarpment it is difficult not to think of the magic mountain in Lord of the Rings. The 558 metre climb to the summit was interesting and a little challenging in the heat,  at times we felt we were back in New Mexico in the midst of Mesa country.!The views form the top were well worth the climb, whilst having a picnic and evidence of metal belay rings in the rocks showed evidence of rock climbing here. A great day out and well worth the slow drive there and and back.

I took many more images but just have selected a few of the dramatic landscape we enjoyed.








2 thoughts on “558m climb to summit of Roche de Solutre & Pouilly-Fuissé – 17 March

    1. thank you John, it was such a dramatic landscape I wanted to include it all but separate it in some views, I love to use shallow DOF a lot – really does lend itself to mono indeed…

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