WALK – SR1 #14 – SAINT RACHO – Circuit de la Vallee du Sornin – 8km – MAR 28th

This magical walk is right on our doorstep literally, so for a nice change we did not have to drive anywhere to walk. We started from la Bourg the old centre of Saint Racho and had a very delightful five hours of walking in the sunshine, fresh air and countryside. We experienced a huge variety of scenery, down hill and up dale several times, from managed forestry to the calm meadows of Collanges.

If it was not for the quite terrifying wild gnashing of teeth of an uncontrolled unleashed dog at the last 100 metres of the walk beside the cemetery …  we would easily do this walk many times! So beware especially if children are present.


 leaving La Cornet we come across some pine tree clearances


 country lane near Montrossin


1st cross at Les Bieres


abandoned horse pulled grain thresher


abandoned child’s shoe – how long since ..?


abandoned plough


2nd cross – near Les Bieres


I have seen a lot of this here in Burgundy – odd balls of string or rope neatly tied on a gate – just in case?


3rd cross – Croix de Tete Noir


in the valley of Sornin the 16c chateau Cevennes at the bottom of Saint Racho’s road – no visiting – PRIVEE


opposite the chateau our local sawmill


4th cross of the day at Chevannes after a very steep climb  – turn right here


after our baguette picnic at a great viewpoint over looking the chateau we walked along a magnificent terraced track with fine vistas looking to Montagne du Dun


tracks leading off but we go straight on


descending to the hamlet of Grand Poiseuil – lots of barking hunting dogs here but all restrained thankfully


Petit Poiseuil home


5th cross of the walk at Petit Poiseuil – 420m


It is so very the Cowslip season here, never have I seen so many fields, meadows, lanes swarming with this very old fashioned wildflower, in the UK it is very rare


the thicket forest Bois de Roches, entering Hobbit Land and nearly home!


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