WALK – SY1 #15 – ST SYMPHORIEN DES BOIS – Autor du Pays sans Freinois – 5km – APR 1st

This is normally a 15km walk, which even for us is a little long so, we split the walk into two and did the small half today. Very pretty walk and very level not too many inclines! The highlight was reaching the hamlet of Sainte-Georges about half-way around, where the very quaint Romanesque chapel was hiding away amongst some very ancient farm buildings. It was open and as we entered it was immediately obvious it was well cared for and in regular use. Hanging behind the alter was a tapestry of Saint George and the Dragon. We thought we had the missed the secret well and shrine further down the road but were interrupted by the croaking of frogs and as we turned – there it was.

I decided to process these images in a with filters and texture that reminded me of the ramble, soft, warm, blossomy and nostalgic!

Saint Symphorien des Bois

start of the ramble from the village, turn left

Saint Symphorien des Bois

another example of heavily pollarded trees

Saint Symphorien des Bois

Charolais out in numbers in the warm spring sunshine

Saint Symphorien des Bois

the highlight of the walk -Romanesque chapel of Saint-Georges X-XI th  century

Saint Symphorien des Bois

inside the chapel and the Saint George & the Dragon tapestry

Saint Symphorien des Bois

 millstones outside the chapel

Saint Symphorien des Bois

watchful calves


2 thoughts on “WALK – SY1 #15 – ST SYMPHORIEN DES BOIS – Autor du Pays sans Freinois – 5km – APR 1st

  1. thank you Karen, it was literally a grab shot no time to adjust camera, I took a few more after this one but they didn’t match the mood of the first, always the way! It stuns me how our brains compute so much in a split second at that moment we see a potential image …. we take it so much for granted most of the time…

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