Ancient Burgundy #4 – Chapel of Berze le Chatel Castle

This is the amazing and ancient 10th century chapel of the medieval fortress of Berze le Chatel. It was constructed within the tower and fortifications of the fortress with no outside access. The worshippers had to enter down the narrowest and steepest of stone stairway from within the castle. The light you see streaming in from the right by the alter is a door that was constructed in the late 18c. Directly behind me within the chapel there is also a Pagan worshipping cave, but far too dark to capture. This place has a a very special atmosphere and quite unchanged from when it was last used, mainly because the castle lain unused and empty for two centuries. I didn’t want to leave but on a guided tour one cannot linger.

Berze le Chatel Castle


4 thoughts on “Ancient Burgundy #4 – Chapel of Berze le Chatel Castle

  1. enchanting is the right word. spellbinding, alluring! this is the sort of place that makes my neck tingle, the hairs on my arms stand up. just so … enchanting. from your photo Lesley, i smell these ancient walls, the must and the mist that has seeped in, and i feel the chill of these old stones. thank you for this pleasure. xo

  2. most welcome Spree, you have a very accurate all senses description of this magical building – you could feel and smell the ancientness!

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