Brittany – its MAY day and France is closed!

This is our experience of May Day en France (Brittany) … so far ..

Yesterday evening, an estate car driven by our farmer neighbour pulled up outside our Gite, he was distributing greenery to all his neighbours as tomorrow it was May Day. He placed the green boughs as seen here in our plant pots and left in a skid of gravel, oh this looks promising we thought!

Fast forward to today…. May Day and we decided to drive into Pontivy for baguette et des supplies. Parking up in the town square we saw someone selling bunches of Lily of the Valley (Mugeot) from a wee box – how lovely we thought and a few people clutching similar bunches of our Helston flora off about their business, but ….. there was a terrible lack of activity otherwise, spooky actually. Shops and businesses were closed, unless you managed to catch the supermarche or boulangerie by 12 noon. France is officially closed and impossible to acquire either a baguette or anything else actually after 12 noon. Not sure I am in favour or not really? I have even heard a rumour that even the TV and Radio stations close down, but that must be a rumour, surely?

Moving on we drove out of town and headed to Rohan where life was equally still. I do believe the French just retreat to their homes to mangent and quaff vin! And thats exactly what we did!

may day France


6 thoughts on “Brittany – its MAY day and France is closed!

  1. That’s France for you – full of French people doing what they’ve always done in their own country – Downright selfish of ’em if you ask me. As for all that quaffing going on behind closed doors perhaps that’s what Brits do, rather vigourously, but the French have a ridiculous idea that it’s best enjoyed at mealtimes.



  2. yes, UK could learn a lot from French traditionally – I will miss the easy pace of life when we go back soon to manic Cornwall!

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