Brittany – Landévennec …. a ships graveyard

Landévennec is a very small village in the wild west of Finistere which is as much like our own West Cornwall as we have come across. Just up the lane from the village there is a spectacular fall off to this amazing sight. This is as close as you can get from the road. The Landévennec graveyard is used mainly as a military vessel graveyard and is basically a water cove created by the Aulne River about the Pen Forn point near Landévennec and has a depth of about 10 metres. Surrounding mountains help as a buffer to keep the water calm at all times which helps in the better disintegrating of the vessels, used by the Navy to “store” disused military ships before they’re taken elsewhere to be striped down (basically, they’re just left there to rot slowly). Quite an unexpected sight to come across, whilst taking a few photos a team were water skiing within a few metres of the hulls, you can just see the wake – lower right.






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