My Methi


I have a bit of a Gardening Blog Spot today … for a change! I decided a few weeks ago actually on the 7th July to try and grow some fresh Methi leaves or Fenugreek as it is more commonly known. The curry cooks out there know that it is more commonly used here in the UK as the seed and dried leaves in recipes. However, in Asian countries (and in the Leeds, Leicester, Bradford area I am sure) it is readily available as fresh.

Now, there is nothing more I like than fresh Aloo Methi (potatoes with Methi) but fresh Methi is not readily available this side of the Tamar. That is until now after I eventually came across the lovely Bhavna a lovely lady who lives in Florida. This is her YouTube video on how to grow it. She showed me how easy it was to grow my own Methi leaves here in Cornwall with just a £1 foil roasting tin, potting compost and a handful of fenugreek seed straight from my spice box. The ideal temperature for growing is 70 – 80 degrees, so the past month here our outside temperatures  has been ideal conditions. It is well worth doing and very satisfying.

Anyway, today was harvesting time, I cannot use it all at once and want to save for future use, so freezing is perfectly acceptable.


Just with a pair of scissors trim down to just above the root, you can include the stem if freezing. If using fresh, trim the stem off.



I used my French salad drier for this part, wash the leaves in cold water , drain and then spin off most of the water, doesn’t have to be absolutely dry.


roughly chop the leaves, I did this in batches of approx. 50 grams enough for one recipe for two people.


place in zip lock bags and squeeze out the air and fasten, then place in another freezer bag or tub, thats it!


I grew two trayfuls in less than 4 weeks here in Cornwall and harvested enough fresh Methi for about half a dozen dishes, well worth the effort if you have the inclination!


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