House Sitting for my pal Al, Guinea Pig, Peppa Pig – Day Five


Introducing Peppa Pig inspecting the freshly gathered Dandelions watched by Charlie


These are strange creature, one that I have not had the need to investigate or had much knowledge on …. apparently……

……Guinea pigs originally come from South America and were found and brought to Spain by the Spanish Armada in the sixteenth century, then were imported to England for food but were found as loving pets. The “Guinea” part of the name may have been mistaken for the Dutch Guiana and the “pig” part is because in some European countries their word for guinea pig translates to sea pig, the reason for this is because they were brought to Europe from overseas. Confusing ….???? Also they make a sound that sound’s a bit like a pig when they squeek.

nk_cwall_sept_misc-171-Edit-2Windfalls, on Peppers cage, which are waiting to be cooked up later for the most delicious apple sauce. Some are quite huge which are brilliant cored, stuffed with oats, dried fruit and sugar and baked in the oven gently for an hour. Very autumnal desert and full of goodness.


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