Elephant Temple Festival Nov/Dec 2014 at the Shree Poornathrayee

Quite by chance after a meditation session a few mornings ago, we were invited to experience the  yearly Elephant Temple Festival Nov/Dec 2014 at the Shree Poornathrayeesa Temple, located at Tripunithura, 25 kms from Fort Cochin.  We hooked up with two guys from Singapore and Madrid man who was on his way to Shrinigar.

This special festival the biggest in Kerala, which has been going on for the past 500 odd years is now in its later years due to he fact that elephants are in decline and no longer are allowed to be taken from the wild. So when the present temple elephants depart there will be no more elephant festivals here in Kerala. There has been a lot of regulations thank God instated over the past 10 years on the treatment and well-fare of elephants. No more alcohol or drugs intake by mahoots (which led to their cruelty to elephants in some cases) no more parading or standing in the heat of the sun. What we witnessed for a few hours from 1000pm until 1am will soon be no more. The festival which lasts a week goes on all day and all night until 4am. The music, that is drums and horns was continuous and transfixing. I look forward to gathering it all into a presentation movie and stills soon. This is one of my favourites, the Mahoot with his elephant.



4 thoughts on “Mahoot

  1. Elephant seems to have some hefty chains round his legs though, which I find upsetting but..I am sure he is now treated as he should be , with dignity and respect.
    Good info to go with the photo.

  2. yes, noticed that but they were being very well looked after, they were being constantly fed with bamboo and coconut leaves and looked very relaxed, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there.

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