c6d_2014_india_kerala_fortkochi_alleys-11This is Sabeena a young Muslim woman who I was lucky to meet yesterday afternoon. Mike and I were in the mood to stroll the back lanes and canals of Fort Kochi and happily get lost for a while. Sabeena was feeding her goats outside her cottage by the canal with what seemed like Begonia leaves! She kindly let me photograph her feeding her two young goats and then asked in perfect English if I would send her a print. Of course I happily agreed, in fact why don’t I do a portrait also for you, I asked? Here she is looking most serene and beautiful.

Tomorrow, I will go back with the prints for her. Luckily I have found a very handy digital printing service just around the corner from us who prints up the most exceptional quality glossy prints all for 30 rupees a print (about 30 pence).


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