Rajak Auto Rickshaw Re-Aquainted





 getting the best cups


ginger in the pestle & mortar



 the two rings Selma has to cook for seven mouths each day


Myself & Heena aged 10

I have been a bit lax last few weeks in posting from India, which I suppose it has something to do with adjusting and getting into the space. I have a lot of catching up to do….

We caught up with Rajak some 5 years since our last visit here in Jaipur. This time we arrived from Cochin in Kerala with Jet Airways via Mumbai, a long day as we had a wait in-transit for some 6 hours.  We were expecting the worse with JET after several horror stories but they performed well, with some tasty light meals onboard.

Following day Rajak ferried us around in his rented auto rickshaw to the shops to get some essentials, like a pair of soft pillows (they are like bricks in Indian Hotels!) for the bed and a few cooking implements for our apartment’s kitchen where we can now cook after four weeks, which is a delight.

After the shopping and as the sun was setting, he invited us to his home for chai and meet the family, wife and some five kids who all live in one room of such dimensions that it seems physically impossible. 

Selma his wife set to making the ginger chai, crushing the fresh ginger in a pestle and mortar first, then boiling up the milk, dust tea (always used for this kind of chai) and of course loads of sugar! Served in tiny cups.

Rajak struggles to make the £260 a month he needs to pay the rent on his room (£16 per month) rent for rickshaw, petrol, power and food for seven mouths, plus all the other incidentals like medical care that have to be paid for. He was telling us that one of his boys was so ill last year he had to sell his small house to pay for the medical bill, which amounted to over 30,000 rupees (£300) and was then told by the trainee doctor there was nothing more they could do for him and told Rajak to take him home to die. It doesn’t get much tougher than this.

Luckily and happily Rajak decided to take his son to a village herbal man who administered some herbs which gradually improved his condition to eventual full health for just 60 rupees! If only he had done this first he said.


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