Jaipur Street Food – Aloo Pakoda

with the risk of repeating myself … as next to Paneer Man there is a stall that sells the best Aloo Pakodas and Stuffed Chillies in India, well… IMHO anyway!



We had originally decided to treat ourselves to a posh lunch in the famous LMB vegetarian restaurant but, it was so busy we decided to leave it for another day. Just yards along we came across this guy and his mum selling like hot cakes, the most delicious cooked on the spot ALOO PAKODAS served with green chilli sauce. He splits the pakoda with his thumbs! and pours the chilli sauce inside (no ill effects afterwards happy to say!).


Quite entertaining watching the wealthy, shopping ladies stopping by for their favourite snack. And all for 20 rupees a pakoda. That washed down with some freshly made lassi on the next stall we had the perfect lunch all for a few pence. Eating out here in Jaipur is a really easy for us veggies, as most of Rajasthan is vegetarian.






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