Aloo Tikki-Chole Chaat


This ‘street food’ snack is prevalent in varying forms throughout Jaipur’s alley ways and main streets. We are living in Bani Park a quiet suburb of Jaipur apart from the Jaipur Railway Station! We have become addicted to this fabulous mini meal snack on the go. It is basically a cooked potato and formed in a ball which is then deep fried, similar to a roast tattie. Then, it is squashed into a pattie and then topped with the most varied and elaborate sauces – one of which is the mandatory chick pea curry. The other toppings of sweet tamarind chutney, green mint chutney, curd yogurt, red chilli sauce and red onion salad dressing can vary from which vender you buy from. All for 20 rupees a plate, that’s just 20 pence in UK money – amazing and so very healthy too….


here is stage one, the pre-cooked fluffy potatoes, tempting or what on a cool Jaipur evening?


… and the chef of the day from Kabir Marg street corner, who is the master of this delightful snack…he kinda likes the moody no smiley look, bless him 🙂

here is a recipe I found – complex but would be such a great party food…




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