Gujarat – Bharvad Girl

Bharvad Tribe, Gujarat.

Now we are in Gujarat a destination far off the beaten track for most tourists who tend to travel further south. Yesterday evening, I had a guide called Saba who took me to a tribal village belonging to the Bharvad Community, not a tented community as in past days, but now in permanent housing.

The Bharvad herd cattle, goats and sheep in Gujarat, western India. Like Rabari, Charan, Ahir, Sindhi and other livestock rearing castes in the region, change and movement have been the most predictable “constants” in their lives. During the last 37 years political development and social events and policies have led to an erosion of traditional Bharvad life.

Three years ago I photographed the Rabari women in their traditional dress which was a successful panel for my Associateship with the RPS, but how things have changed so dramatically in 3 years. As each year goes by you see less and less tribal dress and ways of dressing for your place in society.

This little girl though in western dress was wearing the religious puja mark, kajal eye makeup and jewellery.

Lots more images to come on this subject.



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