Dubai International



Waiting for four hours at Dubai International is a most pleasant experience (not that my husband would agree!) shopping, window shopping and drool shopping with delightful eating/drinking places to boot.

I originally shot this with the purpose of a book cover … visually for me there was such a lot going on here and I longed to know more! However, post shot I realised there wasn’t going to be any chance of a book cover as I would have needed a signed model release because of the womans profile and I don’t think there would have been much chance of that.


One thought on “Dubai International

  1. ha,, probably not..she would have you shot, more like it.
    These girls are so tantalising for us photographers but they just are not flattered at all if you openly try ! Very good..I like that you have the word ‘Dubai’ included, it tells the viewer a story.

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