Tea (le thé en France)



Tea is now becoming very much a tradition, custom and part of their culture in France as coffee, which in the past we have more usually associated France with. However it takes on a more refined role here, than we Brits practice nowadays.

Drinking vessels are refined in bone china, tea pots can be tremendously expensive Japanese works of art and ‘le thé’ is generally loose leaf and served sans lait (without milk). The builders version which is drunk by the bucketfuls here in UK would make the French gasp “quelle horror”!

The choice of herbal blends of teas (tisanes) are limitless and readily available from market stalls and salons de thé.

This image was taken whilst I was wandering the streets of Vannes after dark and in the typical classy French style a tea service was artistically displayed in a shop window.

“To be clear – French tea is not British tea!”


4 thoughts on “Tea (le thé en France)

  1. Hi from Oz Would love to get my early morning English Breakfast Tea, in that lovely cup poured from that lovely teapot each day Nice one. Much love. Les & Peggy”

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    1. Hi there 🙂 when we were in India, we used to have what they called ‘bed tea’ delivered to our room by a white clad gentlemen! Trying to train Mike!

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