Bharwad Tribe #6


Portrait #6 Teeth cleaning the natural way with just a simple stick.



5 thoughts on “Bharwad Tribe #6

  1. Was she asking for money, Lesley? In my experience this happens only rarely in India, unlike places like Thailand. Is that her tent behind? Have you taken any photos at meal time or inside their homes?……sorry, too many questions.

    1. TBH I am not sure I was so caought up in the moment, with the photo and about 50 screaming villagers behind me I never noticed! The only thing I was asked for there was foreign coins which they gladly swapped with me 🙂 so take plenty! and postcards…. Yes it was her tent. Yes I have taken inside their homes in various places and various times they are usually most accommodating as long as you read the body language right 😉

  2. No, She is not asking money. She is brushing her teeth with ayurvedic powder. Sometimes people use this powder to get high. btw I am Bharvad too.

    1. Hi thank you for the info Raj., I agree with you. It was a privilege to visit her village near Dasada. The old ways are disappearing fast now.

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