Venice 22 dec 2015 – Water Taxi


We arrived in Venice yesterday in the midst of a peasouper fog, cold and damp but very moody just how I prefer it. The 6min walk to the jetty builds ones expectations perfectly for the final stage of the journey speeding across the lagoon in your very own water taxi, which is worth every one of the 90 euros it costs for the 20mins transfer.


It will exceed all expectations you may have, especially when you have a crazy driver like our Toni who was in one hell of a hurry to get to Venice and back before it got dark in the very bad fog, several moments my heart was in my mouth as we were practically airborne crashing through the wake of other boats speeding through the wooden markers.


We chose Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia water taxi service who genreously give you a 10% discount if you book a return.!!

I am still pinching myself that I am really here., it is so very beautiful ….. must have walked about 10 miles today alone



2 thoughts on “Venice 22 dec 2015 – Water Taxi

  1. Hi Lesley Merry Christmas lucky you. I want to be in Venice in winter, looks like you have perfect conditions for moody and atmospheric photo’s. I particularly like the two portraits shown here. Keep up the style. Andy

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