Venice 28 dec 2015 – San Polo & Franceso da Mosto

We crossed the Grand Canal today by a Traghetto for the first time (a gondola service for just 2 euros) from our district of Canneregio into San Polo … the Venetians stand up in the gondola, us wimps sit! It only takes 5 minutes but saves a very long walk up to the next available bridge. There are only seven of these Traghettos gondolas along the grand canal and run a limited service until 7pm.


I wanted to visited the quieter laid back San Polo for Titian paintings and to visit my holy grail – the home of Francesco do Mosto, I so wanted to ring that bell!

For those who don’t know Francesco da Mosto is an Italian architect, author, historian, film maker and television presenter. He presented the three BBC 2 series Francesco’s Venice and Francesco’s Italy and the main man that brought me to Venice 😉





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