Twice I have been asked this question in the past month…..

Venice 2015 -2016
Venice 2015 -2016

Photography …. Why we do it and how we do it depends a lot on where and why, I have come to realise.
After 11 days in Venice it was difficult trying to balance enjoying myself, sightseeing (as it was my first time) and serious themed project photography, I just gave up in the end and made images that spoke to me and there was so much to talk about…..



One thought on “Venezia

  1. I have to say I came to the same conclusion while travelling in India. Given it was a fast moving tour with little opportunity for contemplation (well hanging about street corners) I gave up and snapped. I got a few I’m not ashamed of but nothing too wonderful. I did get some snaps though.

    It’s frustrating but next time I’ll ensure there’s loitering time built in.

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