France, Haute-Pyrenees, Mazeres Nord hamlet

We have arrived in the Haute Pyrenees, a very south-west France location and only an hour and a half’s drive from Spain. We have been here for a week now and only because of the relaxed ambiance of this lovely location and me taking it all in, plus my creature duties have I been remiss in posting any blogs on WordPress or The Facebook. Basically, I have been enjoying myself, in another lovely part of France too much.

We are looking after Charles & Emma’s stately French pile for two months, seen below, whilst they traverse the state of Kerala on their Indian Adventure. My bonus is I have three gorgeous horses to care for, plus four cats and five chooks.




Part of the estate’s outbuildings include these small gated pens which I believe were once¬†hunting dog kennels. Wild boar hunting here has always been a big recreational sport here and many stately homes had their team of dogs for ‘le weekend’ sport as it is now.


Our bedroom window at sunrise, adjacent to the ancient 12c church which is another story in itself…


dog kennel doors


Gated entrance


0800hrs frosty morning view towards the paddock


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