Haute-Pyrenees – Alfie and his ‘night eyes’

Alfie is the love of my life here in Mazeres, a 16 year old New Forest Cross pony who has the most adorable nature and over the past 6 weeks we have got to know each other so well. My time is running out here now and shall be departing this tranquil land and Alfie ….

Yesterday we had tumultuous amounts of rain again all day so by evening we were relieved to see the monsoon abate and I could get out and photograph my favourite equine who was looking particularly handsomely disheveled with his winter coat appearing to be textured with hair product! No grooming was necessary in the making of these shots.

The callous growths on his front and rear legs are horses ‘chestnuts’ the chestnut, also known as a night eye, is a callous on the body of equines found on the inner side of the leg above the knee on the foreleg. Chestnuts vary in size and shape and are sometimes compared to the fingerprints in humans.

I do like to do this kind of work, not sure where it might be leading but I love it.

Click on the thumbnail pics for full image detail.




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