The Classic Italian Chef


Amalfi was a destination I only dreamed of, but one day that dream came true and I got to spend a superb 3 hours in this gorgeous cliff defying town on the edge of the bluest Mediterranean sea you could imagine in a restaurant having the meal of my dreams.

Il Teatro which means ‘theatre’ is a superb no-fuss trattoria tucked away in the atmospheric backstreets of the centro storico (Via E Marini is reached via Salita delgi Orafi). I read about it in the Lonely Planet guide, it is hidden away up the back alleys up steep inviting stairways away from the tourist traps. Seafood specialities include pesce spada il teatro (swordfish in a tomato, caper and olive-oil sauce) which is the meal I am enthusing over – it was sublime, a most delicate sauce so unique and complimentary to the swordfish escalope.


we also ordered a simple ‘rustic salad’ with plenty of fresh bread to mop up those delicious juices….

Completing an amazing meal with the famous dessert, Delizia al Limone cake. This cake is a specialty of this region known for lemon products. Southern Italian sweets are often too sweet, however this cake is prepared with limoncello (lemon liqueur) and lemon peels, so it’s very refreshing taste. The outside is smooth and creamy, while inside the different flavours cream is wrapped by sponge cake.

I can still taste this wonderful lunch …. please visit this wonderful ristorante if you ever go to Amalfi and get off the main tourist drag – you will go back to the real Italy 🙂




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