Amalfi Coast – sailing around Capri


Faraglioni Mappa
Stella, di Mezzo and di Fuori: Capri’s legendary trio of sea giants.

a most amazing 2 hours sailing around the island of Capri

the only and best way to see it






5 thoughts on “Amalfi Coast – sailing around Capri

    1. Ha ha… Straight horizons make me feel uncomfortably conventional! Thanks a lot James, more to come now my Venice book is complete. Hope you are well settled in the Peaks now 🙂

    1. Oh thank you so much – thats just how I see it too 🙂 home now been back a few weeks now, like you I have a backlog so coming up in dribs and drabs 😉

      1. Yup, still going through India pics from last November and now have spring time in Galloway plus Blists Hill museum, plus Dublin to deal with…..I should ease up on taking photos, I guess.

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