Prussia Cove to Perranuthnoe


I believe this is my most favourite part of the Cornish Coast, well for walking that is especially with a darling dog in tow or in the lead as the case is often to be. Which ever way you access it you cannot go wrong along the Prussia to Marazion strip. We took the loop from Prussia this time and headed across open farmland without any presence of cows thank fully to Perranuthnoe where there was a welcome pub and good conversation awaiting. The return journey back to my jeep parked in Prussia Cove was along the spectacular Tamarisk tree lined coast. The hike was about 5 miles in all. A stunning walk on an early autumn weekday – cannot get much better…


The walk begins skirting the most amazing Cornish cabbage fields all neatly fenced in with chicken wire to prevent rabbits and dogs running amock!


really HUGE cabbages not destined for Tescos me thinks?


ancient 17c walls from the days of Poldark


there were a few stiles all neatly provided by the farmers



after only an hour of leaving Prussia we had Perranuthnoe in our sights


passing by the local exotica gardens of the lucky folks who reside here


The south African plant Hottentot Fig is ever present here and also at Loe Bar, the pink flowers now sadly all gone summer is a gone O


after a refreshing ale in The Victoria In head to the coast and take the path to this secluded beach adjacent to Perran Sands great space for picnic and dog digging




the Tamarisk trees are stunning along this stretch and have been here for centuries


Blackberries are in their prime now looking back towards St Michaels Mount


Next stop Acton Castle


Acton Castle is a small castellated mansion built about the year 1775 by John Stackhouse of Pendarves, who was a distinguished botanist with an interest in marine algae., no wonder he build his pile here. Now it has become holiday apartments!


Tamarisk flowering so delicate



watch out Louie


finally Cudden Point located between Perranuthnoe and Prussia Cove it can clearly be seen from Penzance and is often a lot less placid looking than this


leaving Cudden Point you enter into the sheltered cove of Prussia a most atmospheric and historical place where our walk came to an end.


10 thoughts on “Prussia Cove to Perranuthnoe

  1. This is genuinely too one of my favourite walks!! Every time we go to Cornwall I try to do it. You’ve captured it perfectly..

      1. That would be great! I was just thinking how funny it would be if we’d been walking past each other and not even known 🙂

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