Louie & The Lens Hood


I have been looking after Louie a Working Cocker Spaniel a few days a week since April and have watched him grow and mature these past six months. He is now nearly two and on our walk today I was struck by his au natural red highlights that are becoming more pronounced on his feathers, we had to have a portrait.

Today we explored Godrevy Point and The Knavocks which is an amazing natural moorland on Navox Point that I least expected to see, also there is a Trig Point up there.


The walk got rather interesting towards the end when my DSLR lens hood dropped off my lens in front of angelic Louie and being such a tinker that he is, he thought WOW I’ll have that! He taunted me for the next 5 minutes tossing my £50 lens hood in the air like a juggler and catching it and tossing it yet again. I knew it was pointless trying to run after him, it proved equally useless enticing him with treats. This went on for a while, with my lens hood looking doomed!

I became so desperate to save it I threw myself on the grass, hunched myself over, arms over my head in the foetal position and started bawling “oh Louie….. oh Louie ….”  he stopped ….came galloping over to see what was up with me (bless him) and I used an old judo throw and grabbed him before he knew it! I got it back 😊 how many times it will work I am not sure! The technique is a little embarrassing if in public but it works, only to be used for emergencies!


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