more of coast plants fading



Finding alternative ways of presenting these now hibernating fading plants along the Cornish coast path, which I am undecided about ..


as I think they probably need to be less worked however I cannot resist trying something new …



11 thoughts on “more of coast plants fading

  1. Photography is always looking back. That’s both in terms of always presenting things as they were yesterday but also in your lovely images, Lesley, honouring photographic traditions. In this form they become more than a record of time and place, they become photographic artefacts and as such become reflective objects, introspective even.
    From your images I take an appreciation of the preciousness of the ever changing moment and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for memory and things receding ever away from the now.

    My first response was to me moved emotionally, and to achieve that through your work, I salute you.

    1. Oh thank you John that is the most loveliest comment on my work I have had by far, it is very comforting to know and feel that someone else feels the same and recognises my eye and feelings ., thank you X

      1. I have commented in the past about your forensic approach to a location…..well today, even though it’s been dreich with our hill covered in low cloud, I went out with Toby and consciously thought…..Lesley’s forensic photography….
        We have had the most gorgeous autumn colours this year, the first in Scotland for more than 13 years…….and also today was my first sally forth with the camera since I don’t know when.
        I’ve recently produced a book on my India 2015 trip using Photobox and have been pleased with the result. Not sure when I will go again. Getting fed up with club photography.
        Anyway, be happy in the knowledge that you are a talented artist/photographer, so go and have a G & T….

      2. That sounds like a perfect foray to me, I look forward to seeing your bounty! For the past few forays I have just gone with my oldie Canon 5D2 and only the 40mm 2.8 lens (travelling light with dog) I always seem to get the best then. Thank you John would love to see your book, do a flip on YouTube? 🙂

      3. I’m sorry, it may sound a useful way to go but doing a flip on YouTube is beyond my cognitive ability! It would possibly be a flop on MyTube!
        Thanks for the suggestion, though I may need to consult the progeny on doing a flip…..
        Best wishes, ,John.

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