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My life centres around photography and travel. This blog is about photo journeys and is a visual diary of the day to day stuff of when I am at home in Cornwall or travelling, usually three months at a time and more than likely to India to shoot personal projects.

For most of my life I have always been a photographer and have progressed through many basic and very old cameras, starting with a second-hand Box Brownie presented by my father on my 10th birthday. My photographic epiphany arrived after seeing a Sebastião Salgado exhibition at the old RPS Ocatgon in Bath way back in the 80′s and have ever since pursued my favourite subject, reportage with hopefully an all seeing eye. Since seeing that exhibition I have been in awe of the Magnum Agency and its photographers and am totally fascinated and inspired by their photographic essays….

Having travelled extensively throughout America, Canada, Asia and Oceania photographing culture, people and landscapes. I have always been excited by all things visual, be it the arts or just life and people encountered from day to day.

Originally from London, I have spent much of my life in Cornwall, where I now live.
After many years of 35mm I now work with a DSLR, mainly with primes and have recently acquired a Lensbaby Composer which keeps me from being too nerdy about crispy images …. gear is good but VISION is paramount.
Documentary and travel photography is my main interest, but I also love to shoot food and portraits and since digital arrived I embrace any new and creative techniques and love to dwell n’ delve in all that is possible in Lightroom and Adobe Creative Cloud.

thanks for stopping by …. www.lesleytreloar.com



46 thoughts on “about me

  1. Oh Lesley! I just visited your site after reading several of your comments on mine. What gorgeous work! I hope you’ll think of that upgrade we discussed if you think it would help display in a way that pleases you more. They’re simply exquisite and merit the best!

  2. You very kindly popped into my wee blog and that’s how I found you. I so need to spend some time looking at your photographs and reading your words. I look forward to getting a spare minute in what is a hectic life at the moment and reading your blog.

  3. Thanks so much for passing by my blog and leading me to yours – such lovely and inspiring work! Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you Rob, I was just about to let you know! I have just about finished key-wording them, which is a bit daunting, especially when you see other images with mega amounts of keywords. Its getting the right balance me thinks. Thank you for your support – means a lot 🙂 fingers crossed!

      1. Aargh – keywording! Don’t worry about it too much – as long as you’ve covered the basics it’ll be fine! How people put 60 keywords on an image is beyond me…

      2. Thats reassuring, I read they dont like you to over do it, but all the same it is a talent to key word well as I am finding! Very excited to see my pics up at last it has taken a while to get through but worth it. I will aim to put some up once a week at least.

      3. Never figured out the best frequency or numbers to submit in one go – I just wait till 60 are ready and send the lot in one go. One a week sounds a bit pressured!
        However you do it – looking forward to seeing more of your work up on the website.

      4. You’ll be fine – you’ve been accepted which means they already think you’re very good. Don’t worry about the details.

        Now – just don’t out-sell me OK (joke)!


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, http://www.aboomersvoice.wordpress.com especially to hear of the terrible tragedy, Boston has suffered. Thank God, the 2nd bomber is caught. There are still 58 people in hospital and last I heard, 7 still critical. So, if you can repost my blog, I’d appreciate it. The more people that pray, the more healing. God Bless

  5. I love you!

    I bet you haven’t heard that in a while, particularly from me. I cruised to your site and the words came out involuntarily as I witnessed your artwork. They were too nice for me to want to try to retrieve — the words, that is — so I let them hang out there.

    Oops, here they come again:

    “I love you.!”


    michael j,
    aka contoveros

  6. Thanks for the follow. I have enjoyed the half an hour I had for lunch to look at your blog. I’m impresssed. I’d love to go to NZ. If only I didn’t spend so much on gear :0)

  7. I absolutely love your comment “gear is good but VISION is paramount”. (oh I see that the previous comment said the same) 🙂

  8. Bonjour Madame Treloar,

    I am reluctant to leave this beautiful blog, full of stunning, vibrant, thought provoking and technically brilliant work – but l must, knowing that l leave a happier, fulfilled and inspired individual than when l arrived. Because l have only enjoyed a small percentage of what is on the blog l feel like a kid who, having nibbled the edge of a donut, is saving the best for later.



    P.S. I am honoured to have you following my blog.

    1. Bonjour aussi Dan, thank you so much for such a lovely comment I am quite bowled over! I do hope you enjoy the rest of my blog as I will yours now. I feel as well as an Indiaphile, I shall soon become a Francophile, as we will be fortunate enough to be living in France (Bourgogne) this winter, we cannot wait! À bientôt!

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