Fame at Last!

IMG_7821 IMG_7822

Fame for Monty & Lesley Treloar Photography at last, in this month’s OCTOBER prestigious BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY magazine!

Feeling chuffed to bitsĀ and I get a 20″ x 24″ classy wall mounted Foamex enlargement from The Print Space in London. I do have a wonderful canine model – my muse :-)

Bank Holiday Dog Sitting

Erin a 10 year old lab out on her own for a change as her brother Charlie, was not up to it, exploring the dingly dells of Penrose Woods with me in the typical Bank Holiday rain ;-)

Salty Sea Dog

… its Thursday so it’s my Monty (good therapy day :-) we spent a glorious sunny warm Cornish summers day circumnavigating Loe Pool and Bar – I love him to bits :-)