I am transferring my blog after all these years

After many happy years on WordPress I will be transferring my blog/journal/photography thoughts and musings to lesleytreloar.com   For those of you who still want to follow me, you can do so with these following social media sites and links. I am sorry to go as WordPress has served me well and I have made countless friends along the journey but I would like to combine my website with my journal in one place, well I am gong to try anyway and see how it goes. I will still continue to follow many of the dear friends and fellow artists I have followed for a long long time … so I will not disappear completely…




Thank you so much for your continued support xx


Waiting for the St Michaels Mount Ferry

When the tide is high at Marazion, the causeway becomes flooded and everyone has to wait their turn on this tiny jetty for the next shuttle ferry to the famous St Michael’s Mount. My friend Louie is in the shallows quite unperturbed.

Book Covers SOLD

Delighted to announce I have just SOLD two international book cover images this week with the ARCANGEL image library I am represented by. This first one below, sepia image of boy on an Indian rooftop is the most exciting for me as I have just discovered the book on Amazon and has been reviewed by The New York Times and The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal …. whoopee do….. get that 🙂 🙂



the other image of the paraglider is going to be the front cover of a French Novel 🙂 feeling quite proud of myself nothing like a few sales to boost ones mood and to revive ones enthusiasm for submitting more images!


FOWEY Seagulls



… or as they should be referred to ….. Common Herring Gull!

FOWEY Daphne du Maurier




I have been absent this year I needed to concentrate on books to be made and then I broke my wrist! However getting back on form now and have just returned from a few days break in Fowey which was an idea location to trial and test my new extremely compact new mirrorless CANON EOS M5 which with only one right hand operational was a very well timed purchase at Christmas. I am very very happy with its performance so far, for such a small size.

Fowey is a very interesting place which is associated by most with the writer Daphne du Maurier, so my first few images are of her and of her time she spent in this romantic backwater of Cornwall. More images to follow of Fowey which will trickle through ……. and also halfway through “My Cousin Rachel” gripping stuff …

HAPPY NEW 2017 YEAR to all my lovely followers



Christmas Eve at The Royal William Yard Plymouth